Advocacy Committee

"Get IN"


The committee's mission is to advocate for healthy lifestyles by providing leadership and professional development opportunities that increase knowledge and sound professional practices. The committee serves to support legislative action, collaborate with like-minded associations, and communicate best practices.


  1. Support key advocacy initiatives and public relations efforts in the areas of health, physical education, recreation, and dance at the state level.
  2. Raise awareness among the membership of legislative affairs that impact health, physical education, recreation, and dance.
  3. Collaborate with other health and physical activity organization (e.g., American Heart Association) toward the promotion of healthly lifestyles.
  4. Assist association professions at the grassroots level by offering advocacy resources and support.
  5. Coordinate advocacy-focused programming at the annual state conference and regional workshops.



Committee Members

Name Twitter Handle Organization Role (term ends)
Kim HurleyBall State UniversityChair   (11/2017)
Cassie BrooksBrooks01CLBrownsburg Middle SchoolMember   (11/2017)
Lindsay CarlFranklin Central High SchoolMember   (11/2017)
Deborah TorranceStonegate Elementary SchoolMember   (11/2017)
Chris Berg@1WORLDPE Tippecanoe Valley SchoolsMember   (11/2017)
Gary SandersSt. Joseph's CollegeSponsor   (11/2017)
For more information, contact:     Kim Hurley