Awards/Scholarship Committee

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The Awards/Scholarship committee is responsible for the selection of all award and scholarship recipients.


  1. Maintain a robust and current array of association recognition opportunities representing the professional contributions of its members.
  2. Identify multiple candidates for each award/scholarship. Support candidates as needed through the application process.
  3. Select qualified recipients for each award/scholarship.
  4. Provide opportunities to recognize recipients of association awards and scholarships.

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Committee Members

NameTwitter Handle Organization Role (term ends)
Gary Lemke@lemkeInteractive PEChair/Sponsor   (11/2017)
Bobbi LautzenheiserManchester UniversityMember   (11/2017)
Kim DuchaneManchester UniversityMember   (11/2017)
Renee FrimmingUniversity of Southern IndianaMember   (11/2017)
Jill BerjuCreekside Middle SchoolAssociate   (11/2017)
For more information, contact:     Gary Lemke