Indiana AHPERD
Operating Codes

Description Chair Operating Codes
Advocacy CommitteeKim HurleyOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Aquatics/Recreation CouncilLeAnn HaggardOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Awards/Scholarship CommitteeGary LemkeOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Centennial CommitteeBecky HullOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Conference DirectorKeith BuetowOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Council of Future Professionals - Faculty AdvisorAndrea McMurtryOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Council of Future Professionals - PresidentSvea NelsonOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Dance CouncilRachel SwinfordOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Executive DirectorContractedOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Finance DirectorTo be appointedOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Fitness/Sports CouncilEric KlostermanOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Grants CommitteeCarole DeHavenOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Health CouncilJennifer BerjuOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Higher Education CommitteeAndrew EberlineOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Jump Rope/Hoops for Heart CommitteeDoug AtkinsonOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Past PresidentGary SandersOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
PE: Adapted CouncilAmy OliverOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
PE: Elementary CouncilDaniel TennessenOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
PE: Secondary CouncilJill BerryOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
PresidentHeidi StanOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
President-ElectGary LemkeOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
SecretaryKristi SerraOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
Technology CouncilMaria HallmanOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)
VP, Membership/MarcomTo be appointedOpCodes   (updated: 2/17)

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